"Stop the Taunting, Please"

June 25, 2009

by David A. Leas


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Stop the Taunting, please!

The high school basketball game was very close in the first half; neither team led by more than 5 points, but in the second half the blue team started to pull away.

At the end of the game the blue team had won by a comfortable margin. It was then that something very strange happened. Even though the blue team had played honorably and with considerable skill, they started to act in a very dishonorable way. They started making fun of the red team. They started to belittle the skills of the players on the red team and the red teamís coach. Even though the red team had a good season and they had a winning record, the blue team made it appear that the red team was absolutely no good. The even taunted the red team with the chant of ďna,na na na-naĒ.

Obviously this made the players on the red team feel very bad. It made the coaching staff and the school officials of the red team feel bad. It was especially upsetting to the families of the read teamís players. They could not figure out why the blue team was acting this way.

It was very unsportsmanlike behavior.

A real life example of the above is happening now.

President Obama won the election. He won the election with a powerful team - the east coast liberal media. They sharpened their pencils and wrote article, after article about the greatness of Obama and the ineptitude of President Bush. They slaughtered the character of a standing President, showing no respect for the Office or for the man. They disregarded the fair-reporting lessons that they were taught in journalism school and said and wrote anything that would make the Republicans look bad and that would make Obama look good.

This one-sided reporting in the major national publications handed the election to Obama. That should have been the end of the story, but it was not.

Like the blue team, the east coast, liberal media starting taunting the Republicans. Every chance they got, they continued to make fun of the losing team.

Even now when they write news stories, they go to great lengths to explain how terrible the Republicans are compared to the great leadership abilities of President Obama. Itís like they donít realize that they won. They are continuing to play even though the game is over. Their news articles have become nothing more that a chant of, ďna,na na na-naĒ.

Itís getting very old and it needs to stop.


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