The Life and Times of Molar 18
1965 - 2010
by David A. Leas

On approximately September 25, 1965, Molar 18 pushed very, very hard and knocked out David's baby tooth.  Molar 18 said, "That's what I'm talking about" and he began his 45 year life in the universe of David's mouth.

For several years Molar 18 had a very good life.  He and the other molars continued to grow and became strong and healthy.  Being "manly" molars they welcomed any type of food that David put in his mouth.  They knew that they were strong and capable of chewing, smashing and ripping the food to small pieces.

In 1967 Molar 18 received a shock; a new tooth coming up beside him.  Molar 18 doubted David's wisdom in growing this new tooth, yet what could he do?

This wonderful life continued until about 1973, when Dr. Duncan, David's dentist said, "Boy, you've got a cavity in Molar 18 and it needs a filling."

Upon hearing this news, Molar 18 started to get excited.  He had heard of "filling" before and he was hoping that he was about to get a mouth full of apple pie filling.  He loved apple pie.  Imagine his shock when the needle entered the gum line and he started to lose consciousness, only to waken to a chunk of silver in the middle of his toothly body!

Molar 18 and his silver re-enforced body continued to do their job.  Year, after year went by until one day David's dentist told David that Molar 18 needed a root canal and a crown.

Molar 18
Where is Molar 18?  Watch this short video to learn where it is located.

Molar 18 didn't know what to think about "a root canal", but that "crown" thing sounded pretty good.  He was about to be crowned "King of the Mouth".

WRONG!  Molar 18 really did not like David or David's dentist after that procedure.  Molar 18 got his crown, but he was not King of the Mouth.

Life for Molar 18 continued for several more years.  Molar 18 eventually forgave David for that crown trick and Molar 18 started to look forward to  visits from his friend, Toothbrush and his buddy, Mr. Floss.  Molar 18 even enjoyed his Listerine showers.

This idyllic life continued until 2010 when Molar 18 realized that his time in the mouth universe was coming to an end.  Even with David's aggressive hygiene efforts, decay had set into Molar 18.  He knew his time was over.

Molar 18's final resting spot - Columbus Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  (He's
probably in the Bartholomew County Landfill, so this is actually his "next to the"
final resting spot).

On a cold, blustery winter morning, Molar 18 was removed from David's mouth.  The following photos show the weather that David experienced on the way home on State Road 46.

Approaching Hartsville curves on State Rd 46 On State Rd 46 near Hartsville.
Near the Bartholomew - Decatur County Line State Road 46 between Columbus and Greensburg

Photographs taken with my cellphone

 And finally ... a video that explains why the dentist said that David could not drive himself home.  It is called, "Oh, I think I just took a picture of my finger".
Molar 18 Video
Click HERE or on the photograph to see the video


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