The 127th Annual Leas Family Reunion
Meeting Minutes
August 5, 2007


The 127th annual Leas reunion was held @ the Jackson Township Fire Hall south of Auburn on County Road 60.  President Dennis Leas called the meeting to order. Tammy Leas Long read the minutes from the previous years meeting.  David Leas made motion to accept the minutes as read.  Twenty seven people attended at lunch time.   A address book was made and passed around the room for additions/ corrections to be made to it. 

The corrections to address book are as follows:

David/ Janeanne/ Mollye Leas 908 W 11th St Greensburg, IN 47240
Warren Leas 2843 Cypress Way Apt 1 Cincinnati, OH 45212
Kathy Leas address is 614 Harrison St Anderson, IN 46012    765-208-1934.
Travis/ Tami Ort address is 901 Martz Dr Auburn, IN 46706       260-572-0510
IF YOU MOVE OR HAVE OTHER ADDITIONS/ CORRECTIONS  please send them to: or call 260-927-9716 thanks.
The person who:
Traveled the LONGEST DISTANCE- Warren Leas from Cincinnati, OH.
YOUNGEST- Samara Pearl Ort  4 1/2 months old
OLDEST- Vance Leas (79)
Jonathon Tyler Hart is 23 years old TODAY!

Tyler Timberlin graduated Scottsdale Community college with an associates degree in Applied Science with Highest honors (Phi Theta Kappa)

Travis Vanbibber went to Iraq as a private contractor. 

Travis Ort Army retirement 7-21-07

Jonathon Hart graduated Manchester College with a Bachelor of Computer Science

Natalie Leas Klosterman has recorded a CD of music.

Warren Leas is a senior @ Xavier University

Kylie Myers is a senior @ Dekalb High School

Holly Myers is a sophomore @ Dekalb High School.

Dennis Leas knows his brother's last name.

Norman NOW has a cell phone

Next year will be Linda Leas Snider/ Phil Snider 45th wedding anniversary.

Vance and June have been married 57 years

Rachael Leas and Matt Trent married 6-30-07 and live in Indy
Christi Yoder got married 3-10-07 and her last name id Tanco and they live in Grand Rapids, MI
Steve Nuesbaum got married 6-23-07
Tyler Timberlin got married
Jaden Noah Jennings 5-17-04
Jacob Moses Jennings 6-28-06
Lora Leas husband died Nov 26, 2006
Roscoe Taylor died
Dave Brumbaugh died 3-23-07
Gladys Leas was 1st president of Leas reunion
David Leas told us about his continued growth of genealogy and to PLEASE SEND HIM CHANGES at
He also spoke that if you have a computer there is a free version of Legacy and it has a free download.  You may also purchase a more extensive version.  He also told us that with the software you can print all info out. Next year Dennis and David will duplicate copies of info to DVD and demo how to use the info on the DVD.

The question was asked if next year's reunion should be held?  Chris Myers suggested the time to be changed to NOON to eat and for the doors to open.  Jean Leas seconded  the motion. motion carried.  The election of officers were held and Phil Snider made motion for current officers to stay same.  David seconded the motion and moved to close nominations.  Tish Hart seconded the motion to close.

- Dennis Leas  Sec/ Treasurer- Tammy Leas Long.

Mike Leas brought in pictures of Salem Center to share.  Tammy Leas Long brought picture of the Leas gang. 

Financial report 2007-8
Balance and collection:
Balance before 2007 meeting                       + 34.53       
Collection 2007                                         +72.45          
expenses 2007                                                           
ice            13.14
soap           2.12
spoons       2.28
forks           2.09
plates          3.26
paper twl     1.26
trash bags   5.94
TOTAL  30.12 + POP
POP / water
8 cases        40.00
left over 5    -25.00
TOTAL         15.00
HALL 2008            60.00
copy expense (address books)
donation from Tammy Leas Long
200 pages viva Staples  (14.84)
TOTAL 106.98 - EXPENSES 105.12= BALANCE 1.86
All that were present played a word game to see who could come up with the most words out of : ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN LEAS FAMILY REUNION and were given 15 minutes to make the most words. 

The winners were in order:
Janeanne Leas with 151 words respectively
Jean Leas with 121 words
June/ Cindy Jennings with 118 words
David Leas with 117 words.

Respectively submitted,
Tammy Leas Long




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