The 134th Annual Leas Family Reunion
Meeting Minutes
August 31, 2014


The 134th Annual Leas Family Reunion met on August 31, 2014.  57 people attended.

Co-Presidents Mike Leas and Kim Nusbaum asked for births and deaths  April and Chase Holden welcomed a son, Jhett and Steven and Knoll Nusbaum welcomed a son, Hunter.  One death was listed, Vance Leas.  The youngest person attending the reunion was Hunter Nusbaum at less than two weeks old.  The oldest person attending was Harold Wilhelm, husband of Carole Leas Wilhelm.  New officers were selected with Jill Griebel volunteering for the President position.  Kim Nusbaum volunteered as Secretary/Treasurer.  Mike Leas volunteered to help with the 2015 reunion.

A talent contest was held with many entries focused on the Disney Movie Frozen songs.  Winners, Ellie Evans and Brooklyn Snider took the Traveling Trophy home.  Water balloons were exchanged outside by children and adults alike.

Our funds from 2013 were $157.00 with costs of $100.00 for rental hall, $24.00 for invites and postage, and $33.00 for drinks and table services in 2014.  $0.00 balance left.

Our collection in 2014 was $236.00.  Cost of $100.00 for rental hall, $15.00 for invites and postage, $60.00 for meat, table service and drinks.  We now have a balance of $61.00.

The next Leas Family Reunion will be held at the Fairfield Community Center on September 6, 2015.

Jill Griebel - President

Kim Nusbaum - Secretary/Treasurer

Mike Leas - Helper



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