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Schimpff and Briggle Connection to the Leas Family

On several occasions I have been asked by members of the Schimpff or Briggle families, "Okay, tell me again, how is my family connected to yours?"   If you try to find the connection using my Internet records, you soon get very lost.

The Schimpff family is connected to the Leas family at one place:

John Leas (1816-1897) married Susanna Schimpff (1820-1881). 

The Briggle's are connected to the Leas family through their connection with the Schimpff's.  The Briggle's are connected to the Schimpff's at one place:

Henry Schimpff, brother of Susanna Schimpff married Caroline Briggle.  Caroline's parents were Joseph Briggle (1799-1875) and Caroline Baird.

Listed below is an attempt at a graphical explanation:


                                       Martin Schimpff (1785 - 1867)

                                                            | (2 of 5 children listed)

Susanna Schimpff m. John Leas                 Henry Schimpff m. Caroline Briggle


                                        Joseph Briggle (1799-1875)

                                                            | (1 of 10 children listed)

                                  Caroline Briggle m. Henry Schimpff


                                            John Leas (1798-1875)

                                                            | (2 of 12 children listed)

John Leas m. Susanna Schimpff                 Jacob Leas m. Isabella Shipe

                    |                                                                       |

                                                                 John Timothy Leas m. Mary Norman


                                                                   Warren Earl Leas m. Leola Spangler


                                                      Norman Eugene Leas m. Thelma Westbrook


                                                     David Alan Leas (me)


That is how the Leas Family is connected to the Schimpff's and the Briggle's.


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