Road Trip to the
Highest Point in Indiana
October 21, 2012

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 David A. Leas - all rights reserved.
The path leading to the summit.

After a pleasant drive from Greensburg to Richmond we enjoyed a delicious breakfast
at Carver's Family Restaurant.  The Carver family has been serving good food at the
restaurant for over fifty years.

After breakfast our next stop was at The Warm Glow Candle Outlet near Centerville.
There are a lot of candles and other merchandise in this store!

Out next stop was The Highest Point in Indiana.  Click on the above photo to see more

A few miles from here is the town of Arba, Indiana and running through Arba is one of
the original stretches of the Quaker Trace.  You may read more about this in one of
my previous web pages, "The Migration of John Leas".

Our last stop before returning home was at the Wilson Winery near Modoc, Indiana.
After sampling some of their tasty wines, I purchased two bottles of their
Elderberry Wine.

What a wonderful and relaxing trip!

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David A. Leas - all rights reserved.