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Dated 17 Nov 1782

Probated 19 Dec 1782


WHEREAS Leonard Leas of Redding Township York County in Pennsylvania being in weakness of body but of sound mind and memory calling to mind the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life have made and appointed this my will and testament revoking and disanulling all other will or wills before me, made this only to be my last will and testament in manner and form following. Imprimis, first I commit my soul to God who gave it to me and my body to be deacantly buried at the discrection of my executors here after named, all funeral charges and other worldly debts everywhere to be paid. I give and bequeath to my said wife one third part of a price of all my Estate both Real and Personal when sold during her life times and after her. Because if any be left I have and order it to be given to my children that is living to be equally devied between them. Share and share alike and I order and to be given to my said wife the plantation and tract of land I now live on for and during the term of one year after my decease and the children that is unmarried to live with their mother, during the said term providing they help their said Mother to work, the said place, but they that will not help her must turn off and provide for themselves. I order and direct my executors to give my wife and children that lives with her three months vitlen. I order my said executors after one year be expired after my decease that they shall have full power and authority to see my plantation and tract of land that I now live on and make and execute as good a deed of conveyance for the same to the purchaser as I myself might or cold. I give bequeath and devise unto my son Daniel Leas all that peice of land lying and being on the South Side of the road leading from York Town to Carlisle adjoining the land of Peter Wertz and big Conanvage Creek it being part of the plantation and tract of land where on I now dwell together with all the improvements and appuntenances whatsoever there unto belonging or in any wise appertaining to the same to have and to hold the said plantation and tract of land unto the said Daniel Leas his heirs and assigns he or them paying therout the sum of sixty pound gold. Lawfull money of gold or silver and to be paid to my said Executors two years after my decease and I bequeath to my said son Daniel Leas, one weavers loom, six pear of geers, and reeds. I order and impower my said Executors to sell my personal estate either by privet sale or at publick verdue and my lands in the same manner but if war is not over and satted not to sell it till they see if it safe to sell and when the sales is made the money arising from said sales with the money paid for my son Daniel Leas. I order my said Executors to equally devide the same between my children and that as following to will to my son William Leas, Mary the wife of George Neas, Ursalla the wife of John Cough, Abraham, John, Benjamin, Catharine, Jacob and Sarah Leas. Share and share alike that is to say after the legaery is paid. I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Mary Jones the sum of ten pounds to be paid in gold or silver, her mother in her life time being in part advanced by one. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elenors children which she had to Daniel Fahnstick the sum of ten pounds to be paid to them in gold or silver and to be equally divied between them, their mother in her life time being in part advanced.


I constitute and appoint my soninlaw George Neas and my trusty friends Mathias Melvan and Micheal Cimmel to act and see the accomplishments of this my last will and testament according to the true intent and meaning thereof. In testimony whereof I have hereto sett my hand the seventh Day of November one thousand seven hundred and eighty two. 1782


Signed sealed and delivered by the                                          Leonard Leas
said Leonard Leas as and for his
last will and testament in the
presence of us who were present
at the signing and sealing thereof
John Lawsho
David Weber
William Delap



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